Water Damage Restoration

Do you have a flooded home? Are you experiencing water problems? Michaelis can help with our complete water damage restoration services that encompasses every aspect of your home. From start to finish, we address the main sources of water, the damaged part of your home, and provide repairs or restoration depending on the circumstances. We understand that water damage and flood damage can be a daunting situation with families. While everything in life is manageable with family, your home is your prized possession where loved ones live and gather. Don’t let water damages get in your way – contact the team at Michaelis today for immediate restoration services.

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Water & Flood Cleanup First and Foremost

With every storm, plumbing leak, or other water related flooding, the most important part is water extraction. First and foremost in our priorities is to ensure all water has been cleaned up successfully. This allows us to then proceed with the restoration and repair process. Our floor & water cleanup services are an essential part of the repair by removing water for work space, and to find the source of the leak (if not yet revealed). Extracting the water is simple using our tools and pumping machines that will get your home to a more manageable state.

Water Damage Repair for Your Home

Goldmorr Master Technician - Water Damage Repair We then move onto the main water damage restoration aspect: water damage repairs for your home. This service can be quite tricky as we pursue to replenish the damaged portions of your home. Repairs can be difficult without knowing specific a material’s capacity and capabilities. We consider how much of the drywall or object can endure water without being replaced, and section off the portions that need to be removed. It’s a delicate process to ensure we don’t up-charge for items and areas that can be restored versus replaced.


To achieve the repairing process, we assess the amount of damages sustained by water first. Determining which areas have become overwhelmed with water that are irreversible is the first step towards our water damage repair service. We then patch and repair the remaining areas with materials needed.


If there are areas that have been effected by water without severity, we will provide a water extraction and drying process. Areas that have been exposed to water are not necessarily unusable. That’s why our team strives to utilize materials and spaces that are soaked, but still salvageable.

Don't Wait Too Long For Repairs

When your home has sustained water damages or floods, it’s important to find restoration companies that can help immediately. Don’t wait too long before you start looking for water damage restoration services. The main threat and item of concern is the growth of mold. While many homes may experience mold growth over time from long periods of moisture exposure, homes with major water damage are more vulnerable. As humidity levels rise within your home from large amounts of water, the incubation period for mold is exponentially risen. This causes mold growth to spread more quickly which can damage your home even further.

What if I Already Have Mold?

In the event that you have waited too long for water damage cleanup, or you already had a mold infection prior to water damage, our team can help. While restoration services will usually address water related problems only, our team is also specialized in complete mold remediation. We provide full inspections for the initial procedure to assess the infection, mold testing for determining the level of infection, and removal to purge an cleanse your home.

Things We Consider With Water Restoration

There are many aspects of water damage restoration where we determine the best course of action. Whether it’s complete replacement of damaged areas or repair & restoring parts that can be saved, our priority is to ensure your home is dry and safe. Everything we consider during your water damage restoration project is precise and calculated, from start to finish.

Materials That May Need to Be Replaced

There are many different materials the may need to be replaced for your benefit. If these object or materials are considered unable to be salvaged, we will recommend the next best alternative: replacement. This consists of areas or objects that can be replaced which is usually parts of the home (not personal belongings) that are susceptible to water damage and mold.

Different Classes of Water Damage

We also need to address the level of impact the water has had on your home. There are different classes of water damage that your home can experience. These different levels of water damages are essential to determining the water damage restoration cost for a particular project. They also determine how much work will be involved with the repair process. While some of the lesser classes will require less work and standard repairs, major classes will require more work and more replacement or re-building.

Our Step by Step Process

1. Water Removal

For water removal and extraction, we use a set of pumps and vacuums to clear the water from your home. The type of equipment we use will entirely depend on the severity of water damage and flooding.

2. Drying

Once all of the standing water, pools, and puddles are removed, we begin the drying stage of water damage restoration. We also use dehumidifiers to help this process of removing moisture within materials.

3. Cleaning

If fabrics were affected by mold, such as carpeting, clothing, furniture, and drapery, the materials must be cleaned properly. This deters mold growth and bacteria, and is achieved by using antimicrobial treatments.

4. Restoration

This is the final stage of water damage repairs. This is where we assess the materials that have been affected, determining which parts or areas need to be repaired or replaced, while executing a solid plan.

Unsure About Your Water Problems?

One of the best aspects about Michaelis, is that restoration companies’ water damage experts can vary on customer service, while our remains true. We are a steady, reliable company that provides water damage restoration from start to finish with complete transparency. We have a ‘no non-sense’ policy, where homeowners are treated with respect – taking steps to ensure quality. If you’re unsure about your particular water problem, simply give us a call or contact us for more information. Speak to friendly customer service representatives that are willing to help answer any questions you may have.

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