Mold Testing

Mold Testing
& Analysis

If you already have an inspection, or wish to begin your remediation project, our company provides accurate mold testing. With a specific set of tools and technology, we can begin testing for mold in your home that was previously inspected to determine a few factors. These factors play an important role in your remediation by addressing the aspects and characteristics of the mold infection. Each mold growth is unique, and derives from different areas throughout your home, with different influences for growing. This could be the type of material, amount of moisture, or type of environment that determines the mold growing. Detecting your mold type is essential for proceeding with removal.

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Better Testing Means Better Removal

With our mold testing tools, (more advanced than mold test kits at home depot), we can determine the type of mold you have. By figuring the type of mold, area of growth, and material that’s infected will provide a better mold removal process. While some mold inspection companies will simply remove the mold using one particular solvent, our company uses various solvents for different types of mold and materials. Surface mold on drywall will differ from mold infections in wooden materials, knowing this allows us to better address the problem. The level of infection is important as well – and with testing, we can determine how many applications of solvents to use (or a combination of them).

Advanced Technology That Works

Goldmorr Master Technician Our mold testing services come from years of experience in combination with our advanced testing technology. Unique to contractors only, our testing tools allow our mold specialists to acquire all the data necessary for proper remediation. This includes a black mold home test that’s essential for detecting more radical and hazardous types of mold. As one of the few mold detection companies in Hamilton County, you can trust in our ability to track environmental conditions.

Spore Counts

Through some of our mold testing kits, we can detect the number of spores in your home. This is called ‘spore count’, where we determine how many airborne spores are present in your home. Mold naturally creates these spores for spreading growth, which is harmful to breathe in.

Accurate Detection

Accurate detection of these spores is precise. There are harmless levels and harmful levels. Throughout the mold testing phase, we check each room individually to know these levels and address accordingly. All finding will be present to the homeowner when finished.

Mold Test Analysis

After thoroughly testing for mold, we will conclude our analysis based on our findings. Our mold test experts account all of the data, which includes the type of mold, the type of material it’s growing from, mold-family subtype, the level of health risk, the level of infection, the growth-rate (how fast it will spread), the locations it’s growing from, the type of solvents to use, the amount of solvent applications to use, and what combination of solvents will be needed. This is how we can appropriately remove mold without failure, and without question. Need to find a mold expert? Michaelis has got you covered.

Next Phase: Start Removing

Once your mold has been completely tested, we provide our results and recommendations to the home. Our company has a strict policy on homeowner trust – whereas we provide each service in a step-by-step process. If you feel your mold testing is not conclusive or have other reasons for dismissal, we leave the results with you. If you wish to proceed further in the removal of this harmful substance, we will begin the mold remediation procedures within 24 hours at your request. Mold inspection and testing is the prerequisite for your mold removal, and you won’t be disappointed in the investment. We have local mold removal experts on standby at your request when you’re ready to proceed.