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Mold Inspection
& Evaluation

When you need immediate mold inspection, Michaelis is there – with certified mold specialists that have years of experience and accountability. As certified mold inspection service providers, we address the primary issues that threaten your home in multiple ways. Health risks, structural deterioration, and expensive replacements of personal belongings, are all part of the dangers involving mold. By inspecting the mold first, we can give homeowners a better idea of estimates, time, and the amount of work needed to proceed with mold removal and remediation.

It is important that we discover if the mold is caused by water damage or other environmental issues. A simple inspection goes a long way and grants additional insight on what you need to cleanse the infected areas. After we inspect the house we will discuss our findings with you and recommend a course of actions for solving your mold issue

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Why Inspect Mold First?

Why should anyone inspect mold? Mold is mold, right? Actually, mold comes in all different types, spreads, areas of growth, and which materials they originated from. By completing a mold inspection, we can better understand the causes, the source, what will be required for removal, and give an accurate recommendation to the homeowner. As one of the few mold inspection companies in the area, we give our customers a chance to understand the in-depth scale of infection and how much of an impact the mold is making. It could be a simple surface-mold infection, or it could be destroying wooden support beams that hold the weight of your home. Let us check it out for your benefit!

Certified Mold Inspectors

Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification At Michaelis, all of our staff members are certified and local mold inspectors that have been trained under strict Indiana state regulations. With that, we are also trained under Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) which also has strict protocols for inspections, handling, and removal of mold. This is why our mold inspections are efficient and accurate, along-side our dedicated years of experience.

Getting an Idea

Certifications are important to address a specific mold problem. Each mold inspection gives us an idea and additional insight to proper handling. Mold types can vary and differ from one another – having different risks and effects to families that live in the infected environment.

Assessing the Situation

Mold inspection services that are performed by trusted and certified inspectors also gives the contractor (our team) the ability to fully assess the situation. Mold growths that have infiltrated unforeseen areas (or areas that are not visible) will strengthen the remediation process.

Concluding a Basic Synopsis

Once we evaluate every detail of your mold infection, we can come to a conclusion that better addresses every important element in growth. Our mold inspectors will combine all of the gathered information and generate a report. This report will be our detailed synopsis on our findings and complete recommendation on how to proceed. Our mold specialists are very efficient and will not lead any homeowner astray from the real issues.

What's the Next Step?

After completing the mold inspection, providing the recommendation to the homeowner, and getting approved by the homeowner, we will proceed with mold testing. While inspections are accurate and offer the insight needed for further procedures, mold testing will be the next step needed to understand which chemical solvents we will be using and the correct amount of applications of these solvents for complete remediation.